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  • Campanula glomerata 'Emerald'

    Spreading perennial with dark green leaves. Dense clusters of tubular-bell-shaped light sky-blue flowers on short stems. Photo provided by: De Ree Holland B.V....

    Campanula glomerata 'Emerald'
  • Centaurea montana 'Black Sprite'

    Mat-forming perennial with narrow mid-green leaves and exotic, silky, burgundy black flower petals form a spidery starburst. Photo provided by: Barnes Nurseries...

    Centaurea montana 'Black Sprite'
  • Podophyllum versipelle 'Spotty Dotty'

    An unusual perennial with huge hexagonal-shaped green leaves marked with chocolate brown spots. Clusters of dark red star shaped flowers hang beneath the leaves on mature plants in late Spring. Photo provided by: Barnes Nurseries...

    Podophyllum versipelle 'Spotty Dotty'
  • Campanula alliariifolia

    Vigorous clump-forming perennial with heart-shaped, toothed, grey-hairy leaves. Leafy stems bear one-sided tubular-bell-shaped, white flowers. Photo provided by: Howard Nurseries Ltd...

    Campanula alliariifolia
  • Tanacetum 'Eileen May Robinson'

    A clump-forming perennial with dark green feathery foliage and upright stems topped with pastel pink chrysanthemum flowers with a bright yellow centre. Photo provided by: Howard Nurseries Ltd...

    Tanacetum  'Eileen May Robinson'
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